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  Ferghana Partners is a leading specialist investment banking group delivering high quality, senior level advice to the global Healthcare and Chemicals Sectors for value-added Corporate Partnering, M&A and Financing Transactions.

The Ferghana Partners Group ("FPG") is an international provider of high level, independent corporate finance advice to firms in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics and Specialty Chemicals industries which together comprise the Life Sciences field.

  The Group is Comprised of Two Operating Companies
Ferghana Partners LLP, based in London, for UK and European business.
It also covers Australia.
Ferghana Partners Inc., based in New York, for North American business (USA and Canada).
It also has responsibility for Japan coverage.

FPG provides advice on corporate partnering/development and ownership/business portfolio topics, such as Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Divestitures to its clients, as well as creating and executing Financial Transactions. The clients comprise established Specialty Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics companies as well as emergent Pharma and Biotechnology companies with a therapeutic or diagnostic focus.

FPG has an international perspective and is equally 'at home' in the corporate cultures of the US, the UK, Canada, Continental Europe and Japan. It has established joint ventures in Israel and India and a representative office in Australia, all locations with strong science, clinical development and corporate transactions.

The 'house style' of FPG is exclusively focused towards the real world of industry, with particular reference to the Life Sciences industry sectors and geographical regions listed in this Website. FPG's starting position, and proprietary edge, is its depth of knowledge of what is happening (with respect to science, technology, strategy, companies and markets) in the various Life Sciences sectors, enabling added value to be brought to its clients by creative alliance, acquisition, divestiture and capital-raising ideas. Thus, FPG is pro-active in the initiation, and even the actual creation, of transactions as well as in their assessment and effective execution. Reflecting the experience of its principals, FPG possesses excellent problem-solving and negotiation skills and will provide its external and independent sense of timing, feasibility, price, structure and psychology to improve and/or implement a transaction.

In short, FPG, as a strategic transaction advisor, is a 'creative spark' that works closely with senior management or the Board of a client company, providing ideas, seasoned judgement and guidance to accomplish the client's goals.

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